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What Is Remarketing?

Retargeted ads keep your brand in the forefront of potential customers’ minds. By showing your business to customers two or three times online, they are driven towards making a purchase.

How Remarketing Works

Many of your page visitors are likely to just be browsing, coming across your social media or website by chance. They may see an ad, blog post or other content that appeals to them, but may not be ready to proceed in the buyer’s journey right away. However, even if they don’t leave their details on your site or subscribe to your mailing list, it’s still possible to reach out to these visitors using data. 

We tap into the data visitors are leaving when they interact with your content, allowing us to set up targeted ads that will directly relate to their interests and past behavior. This is often the little nudge that is needed for the visitor to engage further with your brand.  

Where do remarketing ads show up?

Remarketing ads will show up seamlessly across websites as the user goes about their usual online activity. This may in the form of a Facebook or Instagram ad or on Google, ensuring that your brand is front of mind. By using Google AdWords to remarket, you may have the chance to advertise on over 2 million websites. This opportunity is simply too good to ignore, with Digital Squad connecting your business to interested individuals, driving them towards a likely conversion. 

2018 Remarketing Statistics

Remarketing is a Winning Strategy

More Clicks

The average click-through-rate (CTR) of a retargeted ad is ten times higher than the CTR of a display ad.

Enjoyable Customer Experience

25% of customers enjoy remarketed ads because it relates to what they had been shopping for earlier.

Higher Conversion Rates

By seeing a retargeted ad, a customer who has left their shopping cart is 26% more likely to return to it and complete their order.

Increased Revenue

Three out of five customers who see remarketed ads will actually ADD more products to their shopping cart.

One-fifth of marketing professionals have a dedicated budget for remarketing campaigns. Seize the opportunity to boost lead generation and engagement by utilising remarketing.

What Remarketing Means For Your Business

Remarketing helps you retain interested customers and redirect leads to your website. When previous visitors come back to your website, they are more likely to:

Increase their familiarity with your brand
Drive traffic and engagement to your site
Leave data and contact details that you can use in future marketing efforts
Make a purchase and result in greater revenue

Remarketing Enquiry

    Put Your Trust in a Top Remarketing Agency

    Digital Squad is the definitive leader for SEO and digital marketing in Singapore. We are laser-focused on generating relevant leads for your business with our campaigns. 



    Consultations with Remarketing Experts

    We begin by conducting an in-depth consultation with you to understand your previous marketing efforts, letting us devise a remarketing campaign that captures lost leads.



    Retargeting Guided by Data

    You could be sitting on a goldmine of data and not even know it. We specialise in collecting, analysing and applying valuable data to improve the effectiveness of your campaign.



    SEO-Remarketing Campaigns

    Digital Squad is Singapore's top SEO agency. We conduct thorough keyword research and SEO strategies to display your ads at the most engaging and effective time.



    Monthly Reporting and Analytics

    Remarketing goes beyond just showing your ad to customers once or twice. We provide you with monthly reports to continuously develop your remarketing strategy for optimal success.