Google Display Network Ads

The network comprises over 2 million partner websites and reaches a staggering 90% of Internet users. It's a powerful network for any business. 

Google Display Ads

What is Google Display Network?

Google Display Network gives advertisers the ability to reach millions of users worldwide as they browse online.

The Google Display Network gives advertisers the chance to boost their online advertising, without the user having to search for your keywords to find your site. The Google Display Network gets results, primarily because advertisers can use visual adds, which are ideal for brand building. In addition, the platform offers sophisticated audience targeting features and the ability to ‘remarket’ to individuals who have already visited the business website.

The potential audience reach on the Google Display Network is significantly larger than for Google Search, which means that businesses can compete for the same topics and keywords without having to pay extortionate prices. 

At Digital Squad, we’ve run hundreds of Google Display Network campaigns and know how to succeed on the channel. We apply our in-depth knowledge of the platform to tailor campaigns and strategies to engage the Google Display Network audience and drive conversions.

How Google Display Ads Work

The Google Display Network is designed to help you find the right audience for your ads. Its detailed targeting options give advertisers the opportunity to show their message to the right potential customers at the right time. Some of the advanced targeting opportunities offered by the channel are as follows:


Google Display Network gives advertisers the ability to find new customers and engage their existing customers through the use of audiences. Making the most of ‘similar audiences’ and ‘in-market’ audiences lets advertisers target the people who are most likely to be interested in their business. In addition, making the most of your data, for example, by using remarketing lists gives advertisers the opportunity to re-engage people who have been on their website but did not convert.


Google Display Network offers the option of ‘automated targeting’ to assist advertisers in finding audiences that are likely to convert, based on the characteristics of current audiences. The program learns over time to identify the audiences that are most likely to work for advertisers. Google Display Network also offers automated bidding that adjusts your bids to ensure the greatest ROI. The most effective Display Network campaigns make use of automated targeting, bidding, and messaging to maximize conversions.

2019 Google Display Network Statistics

Why Google Display Network is a Winning Strategy

Cheaper Clicks

The average cost per click (CPC) in Google Ads across all industries is $2.69 on the search network and $0.63 on the Display Network

Significant Reach

Google owns the world’s largest online display advertising network, and its
display campaigns reach 90% of global Internet users

Boost Brand Awareness

Consumers exposed to display ads are, on average, 155% more likely to search for brand and segment-specific terms

Greater Visibility

Users who are retargeted to on Google Display Network are 70% more likely to convert

98% of advertisers are wasting money on paid online advertising, which comes down to a lack of understanding of the channel. With help from the digital marketing experts at Digital Squad, you can leverage the power of the channel to meet your business’ specific goals.

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What Google Display Ads Can do for your Business

Reach a large audience with a low cost per click
Leverage different pricing models to get the most for your budget
Re-engage customers with Google’s remarketing feature
Build your brand with visual ads

Trust the Experts for Your Google Display Campaign

At Digital Squad, we’re experts in digital marketing with considerable experience in implementing campaigns on the Google Display Network. We are focused on results and know how to use the channel to generate quality leads and conversions for your business. The following is our approach to a Google Display Network campaign.

Identifying the buyer persona, or personas, that a business wants to target is key to any digital marketing campaign. At Digital Squad we ensure we have an in-depth insight into a business’ target customer by having a consultation with the business owner, or marketing manager before we start working on any campaign. We use the information gained from this consultation to identify appropriate audiences and the messaging that will resonate with them.

Based on our discussion with the business, we thoroughly research the target audiences, or audiences, to ensure the Display Campaign ads grab their attention. We test creative and messaging throughout the campaign to identify what’s working best in terms of driving conversions.

Before launching the campaign, we will discuss your budget and provide you with an idea of how many clicks and conversions you would expect to get within that budget. Through continuously tweaking the campaign, we ensure that we are getting the most out of your budget. We ensure every element of the campaign is tracked precisely and transparently so that you know where your budget is being spent.

As the Google Display Network is so big, it’s important to monitor placements that are not effective in driving meaningful traffic to the website. We regularly evaluate all placements, excluding the ones that are not working so that we get maximum impact from the campaign.

Conversion tracking lets us know what creative and campaigns are driving the most leads.  With any Google Display Network campaign, we set up comprehensive tracking so that we can effectively monitor enquires to gain an understanding of what is working in the campaign and what requires further attention.

At Digital Squad, we work closely with our clients to ensure we are consistently meeting their campaign expectations. We provide every client with a monthly Google Display Network and Google Analytics report, outlining the most important metrics such as impressions, clicks, cost per conversion, bounce rates and session times. We summarise the campaign data into a simple, easy-to-read format so that you are aware of the campaign performance, and are happy to answer any questions that you have.

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