Facebook Marketing in Singapore

Place ads where your audience will see them. Use social media’s top platform to create an effective marketing campaign that reaches the users who will want to learn more.

Why Facebook Marketing

Businesses that neglect Facebook as a part of their overall marketing strategy are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach customers while they are browsing online. Since its creation in 2004, Facebook has exponentially grown to become a key part to how consumers live their lives and make purchase decisions.

2018 Facebook Marketing Statistics

The Power of Facebook Marketing

Limitless opportunities

As of 2017, Facebook has over two billion active users, with 400 new users signing up every minute

Leading Social Media Platform

19% of Time Spent on Mobile Devices Is on Facebook

follow user attention

Users spend approximately an average of 35 minutes on Facebook per day

Proven to work for any business

Over 5 million businesses have started using Facebook ads to promote themselves and their products

Take advantage of the amount of users and time spent on Facebook by creating targeted marketing campaigns that are distributed to your audience as they move through the buyer’s journey.

How Does Facebook Marketing Work?

Digital Squad can help your business reach users at every step of the buyer’s journey depending on their Facebook use and current relationship with your business. 

We discover which users to target through:

Demographic information (age, location, etc.)
Engagement with competitors
Connected to/friends with current customers
Similarity to current customers

Targeted ads can help you reach your audience at every step of the buyer’s journey and move them further until they are customers and promoters of your business. Ads can introduce you to readers who are not aware of your business yet and lead them to your website. Separate ads can reach your email subscribers or leads that haven’t taken the plunge yet. Once these leads have converted to customers, Facebook ads can expand your reach to your customer’s network and use your relationship to build trust and generate even more leads.

Boost your ROI by creating an effective, targeted ad that reaches your audience while they browse through their newsfeed. Targeted marketing campaigns allows businesses to put their ads in front of customers where they will be able to see and engage with the content. Put the work in the hands of an expert Facebook marketing agency – at Digital Squad, we can help you make the most out of your Facebook ads.

How Digital Squad Helps Business with Facebook Marketing

Do you know how your customers use Facebook? During our consultation, we will take a look at your targeted audience, how they interact with Facebook, and how you can create a quality Facebook campaign that reaches them at the right time and place on the buyer’s journey.

An effective Facebook marketing campaign does more than generate likes and comments on your profile. In order to bring in more customers for your business, we will find you the right type of engagement; engagement from leads who are interested in your brand and customers who will continue to buy and support your business.

We use targeted Facebook ads that will reach the customers who want to hear from you. Long gone are the days of cold calling and taking out ads that blindly speak to readers who may not need your services. Facebook marketing that targets potential customers allows you to zoom in and focus on readers who want to click and read further about you.

There are over 2 trillion posts on Facebook – but we make yours count. We are Melbourne’s leading experts in SEO and know how to optimize content across different social media and online platforms. Together, we can create ads that bring customers to your Facebook page, website, and to your door to close a sale.

Facebook is constantly changing the ways that it allows users to interact with friends, pages, and businesses. In order to create sustainable, effective marketing campaigns, you will have to change with the site. Digital Squad offers monthly reports and analytics to show you how your business continues to adapt and reach an audience through Facebook marketing.

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