Data & Analytics

Cut out the fluff and zero in on data that speaks volumes. We precisely track and report on metrics like click-through rates, traffic sources, bounce rates, engagement, conversion rates and cost-per-click to demonstrate real-time return on investment.

Data & Analytics

Data Speaks Louder Than Words

At Digital Squad, we don’t believe in the dichotomy of a creative marketing strategy and a data-driven marketing strategy. Who says you have to go for one over the other? To us, an engaging marketing campaign needs to be driven by data in order to succeed – neither can stand up on its own.

As experts in data analytics, Singapore’s Digital Squad will design and implement a well-rounded digital marketing strategy geared to deliver results.

Digital marketing is unique in that it allows for monitoring and measuring at an unprecedented level. With real-time analytics, we can precisely determine how to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Whether it’s SEO, a PPC campaign or social media, we dig deep into the data to show you exactly how our combined efforts are paying off.

Numbers can’t lie – reach out to Digital Squad for a transparent and results-oriented approach to your digital marketing campaign.

The Latest Data Analytics Statistics

The Power of Data and Analytics

Get measurable results

40% of companies say their biggest marketing challenge is proving the ROI of marketing activities. With our regular reports, you'll always be on the pulse of your marketing campaign.

Prioritise what matters

According to an IBM survey, one of the top four priorities for CMOs is to “inject data-driven insights into every marketing decision.”

Regular tracking and analysis

Companies that don’t regularly maintain their database see 34% lower conversion rates. By keeping your data up to date, we can bolster your conversion rates and profits.

Enjoy increased ROI

If you use data to inform your marketing and sales decisions, you can enjoy a potential 15-20% increase in marketing ROI

Data and analytics are powerful tools for making better decisions. The above statistics demonstrate the real-life value of data and analytics, and the opportunity for constant improvement that they offer.

How Can Data & Analytics Help Your Business?

Digital Squad can skillfully track, monitor and analyse a variety of metrics relevant to your business. We provide demonstrable results in the form of easy-to-understand reports that cut all the jargon out. To feel as if you are truly gaining returns on your investment and meeting your goals, enlist the help of Digital Squad. 

Some of the metrics we carefully monitor are: 

Click Through Rate and Conversion Rate
Bounce Rate
Engagement (Likes, Shares & Comments)
Unique Visitors & Page Views

Data and analytics can be convoluted and headache-inducing. What do all the line graphs and percentages mean? How are you to gain insights and implement changes based on these figures? At Digital Squad, we make sense of the numbers for you, driving results by digging deep into the data.

Of course, you cannot measure success without defining your goals first. Digital Squad begin our work by consulting with you to determine your goals so that you can clearly see when your investment is paying off. Some goals we commonly work on include generating brand awareness, getting more traffic, driving sales, getting leads or increasing market share.

Our complete suite of digital marketing services including SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing and more will you help you reach these goals and measure outcomes. Some of the metrics we look at to determine the success of your campaign include CTR, conversion rates, engagement, bounce rate, cost-per-click and traffic source. Armed with this vital information, we can pinpoint what drives results. 

Additionally, our transparent reports and candid conversations provide you with complete peace of mind that your hard-earned money is going into revenue-generating campaigns. With our data-driven insights, we obtain the digital intel needed to generate real results.

How We Leverage the Power of Data

Data allows you to understand what your customers and website visitors truly want. With multiple factors to analyse such as gender, age and location, you can determine who your product or service most appeals to. Analytics also reveals their interests as well as the device and browser they used and how they came across your site (be it a search engine, social media or some other source).

Previously, businesses could only set prices by thinking of product cost, competitor pricing, perceived value and demand. Thanks to data, you can now factor in data from incentives, completed deals and performance.

Other data could also be at your fingertips, such as your customers’ purchasing history and disposable income. Macroeconomic factors can also influence your pricing decisions, with indicators like quarterly GDP growth, inflation, the exchange rate and government spending being worth keeping an eye on.

You may also wish to automate your pricing settings using big data to really keep your finger on the pulse.

The more relatable and engaging your content is, the more your audience is likely to convert. By tapping into the available data, we can create customised content to engage all types of visitors. Metrics such as the time spent on the page can identify what visitors are interested in, allowing you to show the most relevant content to them based on their browsing history.

Digital Squad can create customised content and a personalised experience based on research and customer self-selected methods to reach the core of visitors.

By crunching all the data, we can better plan, develop, strategise, and implement future marketing campaigns. Making assumptions and educated guesses is rife with danger – instead, informed decisions can be made based on data. Better yet, analytics allows you to respond in real-time to fluctuations and failures.

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