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Bing Ads can offer advertisers a cost-effective alternative to Google Ads

What is Bing Advertising or Bing Ads?

While there’s no disputing that Google is the dominant search engine, there are significant advantages for digital marketers using Bing Ads alongside, if not instead, Google.


Bing Advertising can not only help your business reach a new audience but also increase your return on advertising spend (ROAS), as Bing Advertising campaigns typically have lower costs-per-click (CPC) and costs-per-acquisition (CPA) than Google. In addition, Bing has released detailed demographic data on its 145 million active users, and depending on the products and services that you’re promoting, the audience that you can reach on Bing may be more suitable.


For syndication and partner networks, Bing has established partnerships with various search engines and platforms, such as Yahoo and AOL. This means that Bing Ads can reach a broader audience beyond the Bing search engine, increasing the visibility and reach of your ad campaigns.


Digital Squad has worked extensively with Bing Ads and we know that in order to be effective, you do not simply replicate an existing Google Ads campaign. We use our detailed knowledge of the platform to tailor our ads to suit the unique audience on Bing.

How Bing Search Advertising Works

Bing Ads is basically Microsoft’s version of Google Ads. Bing Ads allows advertisers to run ads on the Bing search network as well as its partner networks, Yahoo and AOL.

Like Google Ads, Bing Ads display at the top, bottom or side of the search engine results page (SERP). The fundamentals of advertising on Google Ads also apply to Bing Advertising. You bid on the keywords that your audience is using to search for your products or services and your ads appear in the SERPs when a user conducts that search. Ad spots are won based on an auction, bringing targeted, relevant online traffic to your site

Is bing ads worth it?

How Bing Advertising Trumps Google

Given the choice, most marketers choose Google Ads over Bing Ads. The rationale behind this is that, with 73% global market share, there are more people using Google, which equates to more reach. However, Bing Ads has a number of advantages that are beneficial to advertisers using the platform, such as:

More granular control at the campaign and ad group levels

Better device targeting options

More transparency and control over search partner targeting

In an online environment where competition is fierce, Bing Ads offers digital advertisers an alternative channel for communicating with their target audience.

2019 Bing Advertising Statistics

Why Bing Advertising is a Winning Strategy

Significant Reach

Advertising on Bing can reach 162 million unique searchers, which account for 30% of total search engine share.

Better ROI

As the competition for keywords is lower on Bing, bids also tend to be lower, which means you can get more conversions for less

Target High-Value Customers

Searchers on Microsoft and Yahoo sites are likely to spend 21.5% more than the average web searcher.

Greater Visibility

Bing shows more ads at the top of the page than Google for most searches, giving advertisers more opportunity to get one of the top spots.

Let’s Talk Bing Advertising

What Bing Advertising Means for Your Business

More people are using Bing now than ever before and as such, search revenue on the channel is growing. It is unlikely that Bing will ever take over from Google with the dominant search engine market share, but it is still an important digital platform, offering businesses an alternative to Google to grow their visibility.

More granular control at the campaign and ad group levels
Access three search engines on one platform
Drive more leads, sales and traffic for less money
Increase ROI with a higher CTR and lower CPC

Leave Your Bing Advertising Campaign To Us

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

At Digital Squad, we’re experts in digital marketing with considerable experience in Bing Advertising.  Results-focused, we know how to generate quality leads for your business through a well-executed Bing Advertising PPC campaign.

Many Bing Advertising agencies overlook the first key step to any advertising campaign: identifying the buyer persona. At Digital Squad, we know that no campaign will be effective without a comprehensive understanding of the customer. We gain an in-depth insight into your target customer through a consultation with your business owner, or marketing manager so that we can understand the value that you provide to clients. We then use this information to identify appropriate keywords and ad copy.

As a specialist digital agency, Digital Squad has access to a wide range of leading industry tools that we use to carry out comprehensive keyword research. Before starting any campaign, we consider the keywords customers are using to search, as well as their monthly volumes, and level of competition. This enables us to identify the keywords most likely to get results.

Based on the research that we carry out, we provide you with a suggested monthly budget, outlining how many clicks and conversions we would estimate that you would get within that budget. Alternatively, you can identify a predefined amount that you have to work with.  We apply our expertise to ensure we are consistently getting the most out of your budget, tracking every element of the campaign precisely and transparently so you know where the budget is being spent.

With any campaign, there are low-quality search terms that may lead a user to the website but will not drive any meaningful on-site interaction.  We monitor these keywords regularly, strategically adding them to negative keyword lists so that we can ensure maximum Quality Score and minimum cost-per-click throughout the campaign. 

Without conversion tracking, we don’t know which campaigns, AdGroups, and keywords are driving the most leads.  With any Bing Advertising campaign, we set up in-depth conversion tracking to monitor and attribute enquires effectively, and gain an understanding of the search behaviour that is leading to conversions. This enables us to continuously optimise the campaign. 

Digital Squad provides every client with a monthly Bing Advertising and Google Analytics report, outlining the most important metrics such as clicks, CPC, bounce rates and session times. We summarise the campaign data into easy to digest pieces of information so that you are aware of the campaign performance at all times.

Boost Your Business with Bing Ads

Ready to take your online advertising to new heights with Bing Ads? Contact Digital Squad today to discuss how our expert team can design a customized Bing Ads campaign that drives quality traffic, boosts conversions, and propels your business forward.