Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation allows digital marketers to implement an entire digital marketing strategy without having to manually send out every component of the campaign.

Marketing Automation

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a program that allows businesses to manage marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns across multiple channels, automatically. With Marketing Automation, you can align your marketing and communications to the specific stages of the buyer’s journey, which gives your business the ability to move prospects through the buying funnel to sale.

In its simplest form, Marketing Automation is software that simplifies some of the more time-consuming responsibilities of marketing and sales teams. It can be applied to benefit digital campaigns in a number of ways, from automating the lead qualification process to creating a centralised digital campaign and ultimately simplifying today’s complex digital business environment.

2019 Marketing Automation Statistics

Why Marketing Automation is a Winning Strategy

Increase Conversions

80% of Marketing Automation users saw their number of leads increase and 77% increased their conversions with the platform

Improve Efficiency

Marketing Automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead

Grow Revenue

77% of CMOs at top-performing companies said that their most compelling reason for implementing marketing automation is to grow revenue

Competitive Edge

63% of companies outgrowing their competitors are using Marketing Automation

On average, 49% of companies are currently using Marketing Automation. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your website leads with personalised messaging throughout the buyer journey.

How Marketing Automation Works

Marketing Automation lets digital marketers implement an entire digital marketing strategy without having to manually send out every component of the campaign. Automation tools can help you to identify your ideal audience, design the right content that speaks directly to them and automatically trigger communications based on a pre-defined schedule or customer behaviour.

Data & Marketing Automation

If you are currently running digital campaigns across channels, you are likely collecting customer data through many interactions such as emails, website visits, apps and on social media. This data can be put together to create a detailed view of your audience.

This is where Marketing Automation comes in. It takes your data and streamlines segmentation and targeting processes so that you can determine the right audiences, quickly and at scale. It then sends out tailored messages to suit each target customer based on their profile. As the process is automated, it helps businesses save time and resources by driving revenue and ROI while business owners can focus on growing their business.

Let’s Talk Marketing Automation

What Marketing Automation Means for Your Business

Marketing automation lets you create and send relevant and personalised messaging to a target audience across a range of digital channels. This means that businesses can deliver unique experiences to their customers, whether they have 10 or 10,000.

Make the most of your customer data

Track prospects’ interactions with your brand

Delight customers with relevant content

Generate more leads and conversions with personalised content

What Does Marketing Automation Mean for the Customer Journey?

Your customer’s journey is shaped by every interaction that they have with your brand. Using Marketing Automation, you can tailor interactions for every individual at the touch of a button, based on the data that you have collected on them. This allows you to create a personalised, streamlined experience that enhances the customer’s perception of your brand at every touchpoint.

It does this by sending out relevant content and messaging, at scale, and across many channels. For example, it can be used to send email messages with dynamic content that is personalised beyond inserting a customer’s name, to actually providing articles and links on topics that are of interest to them. It also allows advertisers to integrate mobile messaging with email and social campaigns through SMS/MMS and push notifications as well as generating digital ads that show to the target prospect at the right moment of their buyer journey.

Put Your Marketing Automation Campaign in the Hands of the Experts

Digital Squad is a leading Marketing Automation and digital marketing specialist agency in Singapore. We are results-driven and guarantee quality, relevant leads for your business through our well-executed campaigns.

In order to set up an effective Marketing Automation campaign, we need insight from the business. We set up a consultation with the business owner or marketing manager where we work together with your business to identify target prospects and how they move through a typical buyer journey with your company. Using this information, we can create a pipeline of prospects and identify ways to communicate with them and accelerate sales opportunities.

An effective Marketing Automation program requires content that engages prospects at each stage of their buyer journey. We create personalised pieces of content that address the needs of the customer and answer their objections to move them through the stages of the funnel.

As Marketing Automation experts, we set up sophisticated Marketing Automation campaigns, ensuring customers and prospects are tracked throughout the buyer journey using lead scoring. We work with our client to create effective lead scoring, where we identify valuable actions taken by a customer, and when to pass the lead trough to sales for closing.

As well as looking at the statistics provided by the Marketing Automation platform, it’s important to know how prospects are interacting with the business website once they click through from a campaign. We do this by setting up comprehensive conversion tracking at the start of the campaign. This gives us a deeper understanding of how prospects are behaving when they come to the website and which automation programs and channels are most effective in driving conversions.

Using the data that we collect from the campaign and Google Analytics, we identify any blocks or bottlenecks in the sales funnel.  We then create content and strategies that address these issues in order to move prospects further through the sales funnel and closer to conversion.

At Digital Squad, we are a results-driven agency.  Committed to generating results for our clients, we provide a monthly report on all campaigns that we run that outline the key metrics for success.  Data is summarised into a format that is easy to digest so that clients have a comprehensive understanding of the overall performance of the campaign.

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