Social Media Trends 2022

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Social media might be a platform only to socialize way back. Still, it has become a non-negotiable part of any brand’s marketing strategy in this digital-first world. Nowadays, having an influential social media presence is crucial for every aspect of the customer journey to your brand. For example, the research found that 52% of new brand discovery happens on Instagram. The findings indicate that Instagram has become consumers’ first port of call even before the official website! Social media helps create engagement, trust, and ultimately, brand loyalty.

Now, the world of social media rapidly changes from time to time. Therefore, for your brand to use digital platforms effectively, you must stay updated with the latest social media trends. After all, it’s no secret that Facebook and Instagram continually release new features or change their algorithms. Keep in mind that your audience is craving authenticity, community, and connection now more than ever. 

Utilize Instagram Stickers

Did you know that in 2020, 60% of businesses will use interactive elements like stickers in their Instagram stories? The reason behind this is that they’re an excellent way to increase engagement and create conversations with your audience. This works both for photo content and video type of content. In fact, research stated that videos with Instagram stickers perform better 83% of the time.

Stickers like location, mentions, and hashtags have been popular ways to boost your Instagram story reach for a while now. However, the new stickers are also a great tool to use. Stickers like the Questions and Polls further encourage interaction from your audience. Even the more unique sticker ‘DM me’ tag opens up a direct conversation with your account when clicked.

In response to the pandemic, Instagram recently released the ‘Support Small Business’ sticker that allows accounts to shout out to businesses they love, showcasing three of their posts. This is an excellent way to collaborate with others in your community or industry.

Text-Focused Design For Your Feed

Getting a high engagement rate should be at the front of the mind when posting on the grid. A great way to achieve this is to utilize text-focused layouts that encourage comments, shares, and saves. You can do this by creating a Twitter-inspired layout, mimicking the google search bar, or creating eye-catching carousel posts relevant to your audience. In making this content (or in any content for that matter), you need to ensure that the topic is relevant and has a compelling CTA that will encourage your audience to engage. Text-focused photos are also an excellent way to share stories as not everyone reads your caption!

Gamify Content Marketing

This type of content is a fresh way to entertain your followers. There are so many you can pick from. For example, you can do quizzes, bingo, or even a ‘choose your own adventure’ style post. These are a fun way to promote interaction on your posts.

Cross-Post From TikTok

It has become public knowledge that TikTok is taking over the online world right now. But this doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon your other platforms where you’ve been putting effort to build a following for years. Instead, with the introduction of Reels, it has become easier to reshare your TikTok videos to make your content creation efforts go further. Psst, did you know? Even the world’s top TikTok stars regularly re-post their content on Instagram. So, do not put all your eggs in one basket. Or, in this case, don’t post all your content only on one platform!

Go Live

There are so many great reasons to utilize this feature. First, of course, the most popular and vital purpose is because Instagram Live gives you the number one position on the story feed, increasing visibility. In addition, Instagram Live automatically sends push notifications to your followers, alerting them that you are live. Of course, there are even benefits after you’ve done the live session. Instagram’s algorithm gives organic engagement boosts to users who embrace this feature. This will make your posts more likely to appear in Instagram’s discovery section so new people will find you and, in return, increase your reach! Ultimately it’s a great way to boost engagement and bonus points; It will also humanize your brand because it gives a face behind the business. 

Most importantly, have fun! Say you’ve applied the tips above but still feeling not seeing results and would like us to guide you further… don’t fret! We’re always happy to help. Just reach out to our brilliant team at Digital Squad Singapore, and we’ll come back to you with innovative solutions!

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