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As the leading social media marketing agency in Singapore, Digital Squad is well-versed in the nuances of social media marketing in this dynamic region. We provide a comprehensive suite of social media services tailored to meet your business objectives. Our expert social media strategies will empower you to engage in meaningful conversations, gaining valuable insights into your customers’ interests and needs.


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SMM Singapore

The Power of Social Media Marketing

Digital population

72% of Singaporeans are active on social media


4.6 million users access social media on their mobile

User Age

18 to 44-year-olds are Singapore’s highest age brackets accessing social media

Accessible Audience

4.3 million Singaporeans can be targeted with Facebook advertising, 2.2 million on Instagram, and 2.6 million on LinkedIn


Choose from broad or granular targeting options such as education level, homeownership status, life events, political affiliations and degree of purchase intent

2+ hours

Singaporeans spend 2h 08 minutes on social media daily


Singapore's most active social media platforms are YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing: What We Offer


Digital Squad can help your business reach users at every step of the buyer’s journey depending on their Facebook use and current relationship with your business.


A goldmine for any B2B company looking to reach professionals of any industry targeting business exposure and engagement.


As the fastest growing social media channel, let Digital Squad help you leverage the power of visual brand content to generate leads, drive traffic, boost brand exposure and convert


As the world’s second-largest search engine and third most visited site after Google and Facebook, YouTube can significantly improve visibility, exposure and content engagement

We focus on high-performance strategies that drive quality leads and sales coupled with continual platform-specific optimisation that will boost revenue and put you on top. Always.

Our Social Media Marketing Methodology



Social Listening

One of the most popular social media platforms in Singapore is Instagram, and we offer valuable insights into Instagram advertising cost to help you optimize your social media marketing efforts. Complete with a competitive audit, we make sure we cover all the bases, not only on Instagram but on other social media platforms too.



Consumer and Audience Insights

Any good social media agency in Singapore understands the importance of audience profiling to create effective social media marketing campaigns. Our solution helps you discover relevant communities, giving you a deeper understanding of your target audience's interests and behaviors.



Social Media Management

As a social media agency in Singapore, we know how crucial it is to streamline your social media marketing efforts. Our marketing stack includes tools and platforms that allow our team to successfully monitor your social media whenever, wherever. With these tools and strategies, we measure social channel performance using cross-channel summaries and more.



Social Reports and Services

Reports are delivered straight to your inbox on a monthly basis, highlighting relevant KPIs such as audience growth, engagement rate, interaction ratios and more. These reports help you benchmark your social media performance against your competitors in Singapore social media scene.

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Work with the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Singapore

    Social Media Marketing FAQs

    Social media marketing (SMM) can also be known as digital marketing and e-marketing. It is a term that refers to using social media to build a company’s brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic.

    Social media can be defined as the platforms on which users build social networks and share information.

    Moreover, social media marketing (SMM) has data analytics that was purposely built to help marketers track their efforts’ success and identify even more ways to engage. This is on top of equipping companies with a way to engage with existing customers and reach new ones.

    Social media marketing activities include:

    Publishing content on your social media profiles.
    Listening to and engaging with your followers.
    Running social media ads.
    Analysing your results.

    Social media marketing (SMM) is a powerful tool driven by social media’s capacity in three core marketing areas: connection, interaction, and customer data.

    In all truthfulness, hundreds of websites would qualify as social media. Social media services make innovative use of new online technologies to accomplish the familiar communication and marketing goals of this form of selling.

    Aside from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, social media marketing takes many different forms, such as:

    1. content marketing or content creating
    2. advertising or paid content
    3. influencer marketing
    4. social media management
    5. community management
    6. reviews or testimonials

    Whichever version of social media marketing you focus on, it is the perfect place to engage your prospects and develop leads.
    Different businesses or brands need a different approach when using social media marketing. However, it is vital to note that no one type fits all. To optimize your results, one should experiment with which content works best for each channel.

    Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter transformed how we connect on a personal level and how businesses can influence consumer behavior. Nowadays, brands can promote content that drives engagement and even extract their customers’ geographic, demographic, and personal information to make the messaging resonate more with their target market.

    With social media marketing (SMM), it is crucial to have an SMM Action Plan. The secret to a successful plan is this:
    The more targeted your social media marketing (SMM) strategy is, the more effective it will be.

    With SMM, the simple framework can be as follows:

    1. Aligning SMM goals to the business objectives
    2. Learning about your target audience
    3. Conduct a competitive analysis of your competition
    4. Learn what has worked and failed in the past when it comes to your SMM
    5. Create a content calendar
    6. Track performance and adjust SMM strategy as needed

    There are various reasons why your company or brand should use social media marketing. Here are some of the most beneficial reasons to consider:

    Brand Awareness and brand building
    Acquiring new customers or leads
    Introducing your brand or new products/services to a broad audience
    Maintaining current customers and converting them to loyal customers.
    Marketing brand promotions to a broad audience.
    Help identify a potential audience that you’re currently not targeting.
    Improve customer service and overall relationship with your customers.

    In short, with 4.70 billion people on social media, skipping social media marketing means you’re missing out on the potential to reach thousands, even millions if you don’t have a presence. Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to reach your brand’s goals in this digital era.

    In short, everyone wanting to grow their business needs a social media presence, as social media has become an essential part of your business marketing strategy.

    Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. As over four billion people worldwide use social media every month, the users and engagement on these platforms keep increasing.

    If you still need convincing, here is why social media marketing is right for your business:

    1. Through Facebook, 77% of B2C and 43% of B2B companies have acquired customers.
    2. More than 33% of users on Instagram will make a mobile purchase.
    3. People who engage with brands over social media spend 20%-40% more money with those brands than those they don’t engage with.
    4. 71% of consumers with a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend it to others.
    5. As of January 2022, TikTok had 1 billion Monthly Active users worldwide.

    To put it simply, no. Different social media platforms have different audiences, demographics, and sometimes different objectives. To determine which social media platform you should have, you need to understand your customers, including who they are, their interests, and where they are. This process is part of the social media strategy that one should have before launching anything.
    For example, say you are a B2B brand, a business-oriented platform like LinkedIn would be best instead of Instagram. On the contrary, if your brand is a B2C brand, you must consider being on Facebook, Instagram, etc. It is critical to note that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok, which have billions of active users, are a must for your brand since you will probably have some of your customers that use them. Your social media strategy will help you determine the right mix of sites and social media management tools you need to achieve your goals.

    B2B and B2C companies would have very different approaches to social media marketing, mainly because these two are very different in nature.

    A “B2B” company targets other businesses as its audience, while a “B2C” company focuses more on the community of consumers. These differences result in differences between a buyer’s needs and how these differences affect the social media marketing strategy.

    B2B companies are seen as more professional; on the contrary, B2C companies are seen as friendlier and more relatable.

    The key to B2B and B2C in social media marketing, though, is to know the audience. For example, B2C companies have an audience that is more involved in social media, making it somewhat easier to create content, but it does mean more competition. B2B companies, on the other hand, should focus on establishing and maintaining fruitful customer relationships by providing enough information about that brand and how your product can be helpful to your prospects.

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) is essential for many reasons. One of the main reasons is it allows marketers to connect and engage with existing and even potential customers where they are on. Whether LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok, marketers can engage with their chosen audience with engaging content and a solid social media strategy.

    Other reasons include:

    1. Building brand awareness
    2. Generating Leads
    3. Implementing social listening
    4. Building relationships with customers and potential customers
    5. Having a tangible way to measure marketing efforts
    6. Building brand authenticity
    7. Growth followers and building a community
    8. Staying top of mind with your targeted audience.

    In fact, it has been noted that 55% of consumers learn about new brands on social media. With the rise of the spending power of these digital natives, the size of social networks will also continue to increase, reaching over 243 million social network users in the US alone by 2025. Knowing this, if your brand isn’t poised to capitalize on the growing networks, those consumers will most likely discover your competitors first.

    There are several ways to measure the success of your social media marketing strategy. The three simple signifiers are:

    The number of followers: If your follower base increases, this signifies success in your strategy.

    Engagement: This includes likes, comments, and how users react to your post.
    Reach: The more people you reach on social media, the better your campaigns are.

    Another way is to measure the return on investment from your SMM strategy. The formula you can use is as follow:

    Social Media ROI = (Return from social media – cost of social media marketing) / cost of social media marketing.

    Using this formula, you can determine how the results compare to the initial goals. It’s best to look at as many metrics as possible to thoroughly understand your strategy’s success.

    Even though digital marketing existed long before the birth of social media, it has greatly changed. Before, emails were used in outbound marketing, and the rise of use in search engines had aided the increase in the first inbound marketing, and of course, Non-digital formats were still the dominant form of marketing.

    In addition, there has been a paradigm shift in how social media has evolved. Before, social media was a place to connect with friends and family. Now it is where one can follow brands, influencers, and celebrities that one resonates. Following this paradigm shift, businesses and brands began approaching these platforms differently.

    Social media has revolutionized the digital marketing landscape. It has opened up two-way communication between brand and their target audience. It has also given businesses complete control over who they wish to target with their advertising.