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A sure-fire way of losing prospective customers is by ranking poorly in search engine results. The data speaks for itself: businesses on the first page of Google search results capture a massive 92% of internet traffic. By comparison, the second page only nets 5-7% of traffic. This means that if you ever need to hide a dead body somewhere, take it to the third page of Google results – no one will ever go there! 

Our digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) services allow clients to get onto the first page of Google faster than ever. Even more importantly, we make sure you stay on the first page by implementing white hat SEO strategies that adhere to the rules and regulations of the ever-changing Google algorithm. 

The marketing world has changed drastically. Businesses that adapt will survive and thrive, while those that don’t evolve will go extinct. 

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Digital Squad approach every project with a holistic perspective, focusing on both the short and long term ROI to design a solution that will leave your competitors in the dust. 

We’re simply an honest and diligent team offering full transparency.

We always level with you, providing weekly reports and cutting out the jargon when discussing results. Call or email us anytime and speak directly to our team. No fluff, no passing the buck.

SEO Statistics

The Power of SEO

1st Page Matters

Top 10 organic results on the first page of Google capture 92% of all traffic.

1st position matters more

32% of all traffic clicks on the #1 search result

Quality of SEO leads

SEO inbound leads are 900% more likely to convert than outbound.

Ready to Purchase

For B2B industries, SEO customers are already halfway through their buyer journey before they even commence a search.

Faster Sales with SEO

More than 50% of searchers will contact a local business within 24 hours of searching

Unlimited clicks 24/7

Unlike Google AdWords, organic clicks are free, constant and global.

SEO is an Investment

Organic rankings offer long-term results, unlike AdWords which run out once the budget has been spent.

Unparalleled ROI

SEO never stops, allowing you to maximise your ROI.

Our SEO Methodology



Initial Audit

An in-depth audit is first carried out to review any previous SEO work that has been conducted, as well as your site architecture, content, competitor analysis and current rankings.



Keyword Research

By tapping into Google's search history database, we'll reveal the search terms and volumes your customers are actually using.



Competitor Discovery

We reverse engineer your competitors' content and backlink strategy as well as their current rankings to reveal any hidden opportunities for you.



Content Alignment

Once a keyword list has been developed, we edit your existing website content to fill in any gaps. Sparse pages are filled out with strategic content and new pages are created to capitalise on keywords.



Onpage Optimisation

Further optimisation is carried out by improving the website load speed, reducing page size, editing meta data, improving page structure and site architecture, adding images and fixing broken links.



Domain Authority

We evaluate your website's Domain Authority to increase your site's relevance and performance.



Content Strategy

Content truly is king when it comes to SEO, which is why our team works hard on a monthly content calendar. Regular, high-quality content will boost engagement rates throughout your campaign.




We report on monthly keyword progression, visitor analytics and organic Market Visibility Scores to demonstrate performance.

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Understanding SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, the highly technical process of positioning your website higher in organic (unpaid) search engine results.

Because Google dominates online search engines, we focus most of our attention on helping you succeed on this site. However, your website will still be optimised for Bing, Yahoo and more.

There are 10 organic results on every Google search page, with hundreds of thousands of results competing to place on the first page. 92% of people never scroll past the first page of results, meaning it’s imperative to beat the competition and land on the first page of Google.

Your Targeted Keywords

“Keywords”, “Search Phrases” and “Target Queries” are different ways of referring to the same concept – the phrase that a user enters into Google to find what they are searching for.

While compiling the SEO plan for your Singapore business, we will pinpoint the most relevant and valuable keywords applicable to your campaign. For example, you may want to rank highly for “accountants Singapore”, “buy furniture” or “personal injury lawyers.” People are looking for you – make sure you are found with the right keywords!

Organic vs Paid Results

On each page of Google, there will be two different types of results displayed. Paid advertisements can be used to promote a website, which is called AdWords on Google. As a pay-per-click (PPC) promotion, the advertiser will pay a designated amount every time a user clicks on an ad to be directed to a specific website.

Not all search queries will display ads, but they all have something called Natural Listings, which are the 10 results that appear on every page of most Google searches.

These may include normal web pages, images, videos and Google snippet results like news, weather, movie screening times and more.

The owners of pages in the Natural Listings are not charged when a user clicks or visit their site, as organic results are free on Google.

1. On-page SEO optimisation

These are small text related changes that ensures your website is appealing to the Google algorithm. Most of the time, these changes are not aesthetically obvious as they are coding changes in the back-end of your site. It can be likened to the framework of a house – it’s not visible to the naked eye but is essential for a strong foundation. Terms that relate to this type of SEO include meta, major tags, internal linking and caching. We can explain the technicalities in further detailed if requested.

2. Google Maps and Places Optimisation

Many web users will come across businesses while searching on the Maps feature of Google. We want to ensure that users will come across your product if you are in their area in the form of a clear position on the interactive map Google produces. The user does not even have to be on the Maps function – they may come across your business listing in the regular organic search results if your website is optimised properly.

3. Registration of Business Directory Listings

This is a step that is necessary for Google Maps optimisation and generating relevant web references. This can be done by building quality links from trusted business directories, bolstering your Google maps ranking and even generating traffic straight from the directory.

4. Custom Link Building Strategy

As mentioned above, every back linking campaign is customised to your website requirements, target market and relevant search queries. Simply put, we value authentic and voluntary links to your site instead of buying back links.

These genuine, high-quality links help with your rankings, coming from other industry websites with no money exchanging hands and full consent from the webmaster.

Similarly, web pages that you link out to from your website are also highly important.

5. Content Creation for Your Website

Search engines prioritise sites that have plenty of informative and relevant text content. If your site design and content is sparse, we can write new content and add images or videos as required, as well as develop new pages. Whether this is a necessary step for you will be determined during your initial website analysis.

Link building is the most important part of SEO, meaning it’s the cornerstone of all our packages. However, each campaign faces completely unique circumstances, meaning a specific quote on amounts or types of backlinks can’t be provided.

For example, some websites will need thousands of links to generate results from one keyword, while some might not even need any. In other cases, getting just one or two links night be extremely expensive, difficult or time-consuming. There should NEVER be different “levels” of linkbuilding or SEO efforts for single keywords at incrementally higher prices. If you’ve ever had to pay X amount of dollars to receive Y amount of backlinks, you’ve been ripped off by a service that only puts in effort if you pay enough. The monthly cost of your campaign directly relates to the level of competition in your market or niche.

Unfortunately, many Singapore SEO companies use black hat SEO techniques to generate results. These are dishonest or misleading techniques that, once discovered, Google will punish by banning your site or even causing your online business to shut down overnight.

We invest immense time and effort into ensuring we are always 100% compliant with every Google algorithm update, offering an honest and transparent service. This enables us to provide all our clients with a watertight guarantee against Google Penalty.

At present, we have spent over 12,500 hours testing more than 200 SEO ranking factors to inform our best practice guides.

We’ve helped clients dominate months of rankings in brutally competitive markets such as insurance, trades services, FMCG, technology and legal services.

Thanks to our unwavering white hat practices, our clients can have both short and long term assurance.

Google’s search engine is nearing $100 billion in value, and is always evolving to provide relevant results. Machine learning and AI are increasingly prevalent, meaning spammy SEO tactics will quickly be shot down.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) requires constant adaptation to keep up with the algorithm, meaning you can’t just set and forget. At Digital Squad, we are passionate about regularly producing content that is of real value to your customers, with this belief underpinning every SEO campaign we conduct.

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