SEO predictions

SEO Predictions for 2017 from Singapore’s SEO experts

SEO predictions

The SEO landscape is changing day by day, with Google updating their search algorithm at the blink of an eye. Seeing as 2017 is fast approaching, we’ve compiled a list of SEO predictions for effective SEO strategies that you can consider for next year:

1) Mobile will reign supreme

Google has recently announced changes to mobile indexation, reflecting the fact that more and more users are now opting to browse on their phones rather than a computer. In fact, mobile index is now set to overtake desktop index. This means it’s the perfect time to optimise your site for mobile,  using Google Optimisation tools as a guide for friendliness. Factors like UX, site speed and mobile-optimised design will help you drive further engagement.

2) Customer engagement

Google is now using AI (artificial intelligence) to keep track of customer engagement, looking at conversions (as opposed to reach which is a vanity metric), scroll depth (instead of time on page with is misleading), social shares and comments. This means you now need to look at yourself as a media company first and a service or product provider second.

3) Social shares and online reviews

Word of mouth is typically the best marketing asset for  traditional bricks and mortar stores. Similarly, social shares and online reviews are one of the best things for your business online. It’s essential word of mouth on steroids! These factors have the power to make or break your business in a second, unlike word of mouth which can take years to gain critical mass. Viral marketing and overnight success stories (especially so in the US) are real examples of this phenomenon. Closer to home, the success of Iyia at Waist Trainer NZ through product placement and Instagram is a stunning example.

These updates can instantly shift businesses around the search results page. If you are a business owner, we urge you to be proactive and not reactive.  SEO is not a fad, it is here to stay. If it weren’t, Google would not be a $100 billion search engine!

If you want to go beyond these SEO predictions, remember that we’re always open to having honest conversations with Singapore business owners. Give us a call, 0800 111 246. We have awesome coffee at our offices and the view isn’t bad either!

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