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Why your business needs SEO

Google is King

According to 2019 data from StatCounter, Google dominates with 95.5% search engine market share in Singapore, followed by Yahoo and 2% and Bing at 1.29%.

First page is for winners

Combined, the top 10 organic listings on first page capture 92% of all search traffic.

SEO attracts the best leads

Inbound leads from SEO have 14.6% close rates, whereas outbound leads (cold calling and direct mail) have a 1.7 % close rate.

SEO vs Google Ads

Organic SEO is over five times more effective than PPC advertising in generating high quality leads.

Top 3 positions dominate

Latest research on click-thru-rates from AWR, the first 3 organic listings capture 55% of all desktop search traffic and 45% of all mobile search traffic.

A great place to hide

In comparison, the second page captures less than 5 % of all search traffic.

Just as important for B2B

57% of B2B marketers state SEO as their main lead generation channel and far more effective than any other initiative.

Highest purchase intent

Over 78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase and visit in-store within 24 hours.

If you’re still reading, we’re assuming that we’ve convinced you enough to invest into search engine optimisation (SEO).

However, decision makers often find it challenging choosing the right SEO company that can deliver real-world results.

Digital Squad is Singapore’s leading SEO agency and Winner of the 2018 SEMRUSH Australia/ NZ Search Awards  in the B2B Marketing Category, venued at the Sydney Opera House – the most prestigious awards in the global SEO industry! 

Our SEO Methodology



Initial Audit

An in-depth audit is first carried out to review any previous SEO work that has been conducted, as well as your site architecture, content, competitor analysis and current rankings.



Keyword Research

By tapping into Google's search history database, we'll reveal the search terms and volumes your customers are actually using.



Competitor Discovery

We reverse engineer your competitors' content and backlink strategy as well as their current rankings to reveal any hidden opportunities for you.



Content Alignment

Once a keyword list has been developed, we edit your existing website content to fill in any gaps. Sparse pages are filled out with strategic content and new pages are created to capitalise on keywords.



Onpage Optimisation

Further optimisation is carried out by improving the website load speed, reducing page size, editing meta data, improving page structure and site architecture, adding images and fixing broken links.



Domain Authority

We evaluate your website's Domain Authority to increase your site's relevance and performance.



Content Strategy

Content truly is king when it comes to SEO, which is why our team works hard on a monthly content calendar. Regular, high-quality content will boost engagement rates throughout your campaign.




We report on monthly keyword progression, visitor analytics and organic Market Visibility Scores to demonstrate performance.

Work with the best SEO team

    Real SEO Results

    Case Study 1: Technology Marketing

    Challenge: Client suffered declining monthly sales over the past 24 months despite increase Google Ads spend month on month and revamping website

    Solution: Content and landing page optimisation, technical optimisation to site performance, link-building and content marketing campaign.

    Results: 10% increase in monthly revenue during 90 day window, despite pausing Google Ads campaign (effectively saving $5-$6k per month in ad spend).

    Organic Visibility

    Increased from 15.5% to 26% within 100 days

    Average Position

    Improved from 21.2 to 7 within 100 days

    Organic Traffic Growth

    Improved from 28% within 100 days, along with bounce rates, session duration and average pages per session.

    organic traffic growth

    Case Study 2: Travel Marketing

    Challenge: 2017-2019 Winner of World Luxury Hotel Awards and Bali’s most awarded women’s luxury retreat. Our client faced increasing competition in organic channels for Australia/ New Zealand and the US market and engaged our services after hitting a glass-ceiling with another SEO specialist.

    Solution: Keyword Research, content and landing page optimisation, technical optimisation to improve site performance for users on across all devices, link-building, content marketing campaign, website re-build on SEO optimised WordPress theme, hosting migration, CDN implementation and optimisation, international targeting on Google Search Console, Hotjar and CRO. 

    Results: 10 x increase in visibility from 2.6% to 25% over 18 months. Average position across 25 keywords improved from 44 to 8. Organic traffic increased 246% within 18 months.

    Organic Visibility

    Increased from 2.6% to 25% within 18 months

    seo case study 2 travel

    Average Position

    Improved from 44 to 8 within 18 months

    travel seo case study

    Organic Traffic Growth

    Increased 246% within 18 months worldwide.

    case study seo growth

    Case Study 3: Finance Industry

    Challenge: Increase organic visibility, traffic and leads in mortgage brokering sector.

    Solution: Keyword Research, content and landing page optimisation, technical optimisation to improve site performance for users on across all devices, link-building, content marketing and internal-linking campaign, website re-build on Umbraco and domain-merge. 

    Results: 848% increase in organic traffic, 48% reduction in bounce rate and 2578% increase in leads over 12 months. Monthly organic traffic generated valued at $62,000.

    Organic Visibility

    Increased from 5 % to 20% within 12 months

    organic visibility

    Traffic Generation

    $62k in organic traffic generated each month

    organic traffic

    Organic Traffic Growth

    Increased 246% within 18 months worldwide.