Digital Hijacking

A real world example of politically motivated digital hijacking

Digital Hijacking

Today we’re seeing a real world example of digital hijacking for political purposes: IMDb users are voting on The Promise without seeing it!

The film is directed by Terry George and stars Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac. Set during the tail end of the Ottoman Empire, the film addresses the Armenian Genocide that killed 1.5 million people.

Since we last checked, the movie has 86,704 ratings on IMDb, 55,126 of which are one-star and 30,639 of which are 10-star, with very few ratings in between. The majority of these votes were made by males outside of the US, although at this point, there has only been three screenings held worldwide!

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So what does this show us? It’s frighteningly easy to hijack ratings and reviews. Secondly, it shows just how much consumers are swayed by third party reviews.

Social media and review sites are powerful tools with pros and cons. The biggest mistake you could make as a business owner is to ignore it.

Pay attention to what people are talking about!

Checkout the trailer for the Promise¬†whilst you’re at it.