Podcasts as Marketing Tools – Should You Try It?

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It seems like everyone is podcasting these days, especially with low barriers for entry and easy online distribution. With more podcasters jumping on board, the demand is continually increasing as well, with a global number of 485 million podcast listeners total. When looking at social media statistics online, we found that Facebook has 2.6 billion monthly active users, while there are about 2 million podcast shows currently available. This humongous difference reflects the opportunities that are still yet to be discovered when it comes to utilising podcasts as marketing tools. 

With that being said, here we discuss the four ways you may benefit from creating podcasts! 

Podcasts Can Be More Than Just Marketing Tools 

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, or other types of social media, podcasts tend to be more informational and dense. The main goal is not hard-selling, but to provide benefit to the customers, which may come in many forms – such as entertainment, education, information, or simply for listeners to pass time. 

Most podcast shows that garner audience attention tends to not push products or services to the audience, but empower them with education and other benefits. For instance, the highest-earning podcast worldwide, The Joe Rogan Experience, did not make selling its main objective but provide listeners with interesting conversations and interviews, which in turn, made it a successful marketing tool. 

Podcasts Are A Great Way to Build Community 

As podcasts are more niche and targeted than other social media platforms, listeners tend to have similar interests and are more likely to bond or form a community based on the shared interests and experiences. Numerous podcasts have been shared and are widely known within their niche communities, which helps brands to target specific groups and tap customers. 

Podcasts Can Benefit B2B Companies More Efficiently

For most B2B marketing campaigns, one of the common challenges is to create deep connections with other businesses. In numerous cases, personal or brand stories may not hit the mark as well as they would for B2C campaigns. However, through creating podcasts, B2B companies are given the platform to share their stories, struggles, and innovations in greater depth. 

Not only that, they are more able to establish thought leadership within their communities and industries. It’s important to keep in mind that most successful B2B podcasts tend to hold Q&A sessions or panel discussions. Hosts welcome new guests each week to share insights and tips. This format is perfect for influencer marketing, as you can boost your internal subject matter experts, form relationships with key influencers within the industry, and even feature your potential prospects.

Podcasts Have A Broad Scope and Are Sustainable 

Podcasts are able to be distributed on a larger scale and can be published on multiple channels, such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many more. They have no expiration date and new listeners may access your previous episodes for free, whenever they want to learn more about your show. Regular listeners may easily refresh older topics and find the information they wanted to understand better. In regards to the sustainability of creating podcasts, it requires less editing than posting on YouTube, yet brings more information and education than Facebook or Instagram posts. Some say that podcasts represent a good balance of production efforts and the benefit it gives to the audience. There is no ‘one size fits all’ ideal frequency for posting new episodes, however, keep in mind that the best frequency for your podcast is the one you can maintain, whether it be daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. 

What’s Next? 

So, you may have grasped the potential benefits of podcasts to your business, however, producing podcast episodes still require efforts and resources you may or may not possess. This includes script or idea conceptualisation, recording and editing equipment, and publishing tools. 

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