Google Introduces Google Site Kit for WordPress Plugin

Following the introduction of WordPress 5.0, Google steps into the arena with a plugin that brings together Analytics, Search Console, AdSense and PageSpeed Insights.

With tools that track site performance, SEO, traffic analysis and ad profitability, Google provides key tools used by just about anyone running their own website. However, these tools can be hard to implement by the less technologically proficient of us. This is why Google have stepped in with their new plugin to make it as easy as possible for the layman to have these services at their disposal.

Site Kit will bring together Analytics, Search Console, Adsense and PageSpeed Insights into one easy to use tool. These services can currently be found on four different websites, so Site Kit will not add any new insights not already on offer, but it will make these insights easier to access.

google site kit dashboard

WordPress currently dominates when it comes to content management systems (CMS). According to Kinsta, WordPress currently powers around 60% of websites that use a CMS, and powers 32% of all websites on the internet. It seemed like only a matter of time until Google stepped into this space.

Wordpress Market Share

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Site Kit will launch in 2019 so details are fairly scarce at the moment, but we do know that it will provide digestible information about audience and revenue performance in an intuitive way. Additionally, it will provide deep links into the various Google services to provide performance reports for specific pages when you are on them. For those of us that already use all of the services Google has to offer, this tool will at the very least save us a lot of changing between tabs!


google site kit downloads

Those that want to get involved with Site Kit early the beta will be starting in early 2019. You can sign up to download the beta version of Google Site Kite.

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