2017 Winner - World's best luxury wellness retreat

Escape Haven

Escape Haven has become known as a leader in the Bali yoga retreat and health escape market with its luxury accommodation, small classes and yoga instructors who have been handpicked as the best in their field. Escape Haven is a women’s yoga retreat with so much more to offer than just yoga. Each day you’ll find yourself plied with wellness treatments in an idyllic environment which was named as the best luxury wellness retreat of the year globally in the 2017 World Luxury Hotel awards and has been number 1 on Trip Advisor for 8 years running. You’ll have a choice of Ayurvedic treatments and massage, nutrition assessments, spa sessions, surfing lessons, meditation classes and of course, two 90 minute yoga classes each day in the purpose-built, air-conditioned studio as well as unlimited yoga at nearby yoga shalas too.. The gorgeous estate, experienced staff and world-class program offer women an incredible Bali healing adventure.

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About Escape Haven

Escape Haven requested we audit their existing SEO campaign and recommend a strategy to improve their current performance in a highly competitive market for luxury yoga retreats.

With a global market, development of an international SEO roadmap was required.

Objectives included to increase organic traffic by 20% from the previous year and increase the overall number of bookings by 20% from the previous year

  • Comprehensive keyword research.
  • Competitor keyword rankings.
  • Competitor link-building strategy.
  • Established purchase intent for short vs long tail keywords.
  • Comprehensive technical and site architecture audit.
  • We used SEMRush Keyword Research tools to determine the highest value keywords in terms of search volume and estimated CPC
  • Made use of historical data from their Google Ads campaign to determine which keywords were most valuable in terms of generating enquiries and direct bookings 
  • Creation of visually appealing HTML 5 Ads to keep past users engaged within segmented remarketing audiences. 
  • Installation of Facebook’s Customer Chat Plugin to help increase the number of Facebook messages Escape Haven received and improve the website’s conversion rates.
  • Escape Haven dominates SEO visibility for 25 most valuable (high volume and highest purchase intent) keywords in 3 international markets – New Zealand, Australia and USA.
  • 136% growth in non-branded organic traffic in 12 months
  • Due to overwhelming demand for yoga retreats, our client successfully launched another sister company, The Palm Tree House, to keep up with demand.
  • We improved rankings for 22 out of 24 target keywords
  • Escape Haven now rank on the first page for 18 out of 24 target keywords and in the first position for 4 high-value keywords
  • In terms of average position across all 24 target keywords, we improved 34.37 positions to 9.88 gaining 124 positions on aggregate.
  • 144% increase in qualified leads (comparing August 2018 to August 2019)
  • Increased estimated monthly organic traffic from 274 to 1.1k per calendar month (July 2018 vs August 2019)
  • For the year to date Escape Haven has run on over 98% occupancy. This success has meant that they’ve been able to increase their capacity by over 300%, acquiring five new villas over the past 18 months.

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