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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a type of technology designed to help companies streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows. When implemented effectively, marketing automation can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. In the past few years, marketing automation has become more widely used, as it is easier to afford, scale, and implement than ever[…]

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Digital Marketing Campaigns

Changes in digital marketing strategies occur primarily as a result of a change in consumer behaviour; from the way consumers shop and research products to how they spend their time and money. This directly influences how marketers need to communicate with consumers in order to drive action. Technology is one of the main factors that[…]

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Micro Moments

The term coined by Google, micro-moments are an intent-rich part of the customer journey. Understanding how to use them and implement them in your campaigns is key to interact with and influence customers at the most important points of the buying cycle. Google has long confirmed that more searches are now conducted on a mobile[…]

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