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Online marketing China

Chinese consumer behaviour has long been changing and developing, seemingly evolving much faster than in other markets. In the last few years, Chinese consumers have had increased exposure to digital channels and have integrated social media in their daily lives, which has played a significant role in the rapid change of consumer habits. With their[…]

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Online Advertising in China

Looking to go big? We can guess your billion dollar question: How do I advertise in China online? The answer is as complicated, as you’d imagine. Although non-Chinese business determined to enter the Chinese market should be cautious, they shouldn’t be afraid of the vast differentiation. The online Chinese landscape is saturated with a plethora[…]

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The increasing use and capabilities of the Internet have given digital marketers access to hundreds of delivery and marketing channels. It is undeniable that the opportunities have massively increased for marketers to target their audience online. However in order to this effectively, they have to master an ever-evolving number of strategies, channels and tactics. To[…]

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