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facebook remarketing vs google remarketing

As digital marketers, knowing which channels to assign our budget to and how much to assign to each channel, is one of our biggest challenges.  You may have heard about remarketing and its effectiveness in increasing conversions, improving brand recall, reducing loss, and offering sophisticated audience targeting options.  There’s no denying that remarketing is effective,[…]

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the importance of technical seo

Technical Search Engine Optimisation (technical SEO) is the process of a webmaster ensuring their website is technically compatible with search engine guidelines so that it can be properly indexed and ranked for relevant keywords and phrases. Technical SEO is not as time-consuming as other SEO tactics such as content, link building, and the ongoing optimisation[…]

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Google featured snippets

Google’s featured snippets give quick answers to the questions people are searching for without having to click through to a website.  As searchers viewing featured snippets don’t have to click through to the website to see the content, it would be fair to assume that featured snippets would have a negative impact on generating traffic[…]

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation (or CRO) incorporates a number of tools and strategies, all working towards the same goal: converting visitors into leads into prospects and customers. While there is a lot of information available online detailing ‘best practices’ for landing pages, what works for one, or even most, businesses won’t necessarily be effective for everyone.[…]

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Landing Page

Your landing pages are one of the most important elements of any digital marketing campaign. Landing pages help businesses communicate their value proposition and drive conversions from the traffic generated by a campaign. There are a number of elements on a landing page that impact whether a visitor is likely to convert or not. Things[…]

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new customer journey insights

The concept of the Customer Journey was defined in the late 1990s, changing the entire approach to marketing.  The Customer Journey provided an ‘outside-in’ approach to marketing, where businesses focused on improving the customer’s experience with them by resolving any issue that arose and building an ongoing positive relationship with them. The Customer Journey approach[…]

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