3 SEO Trends

3 SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2017

3 SEO Trends

Here’s the top SEO trends to look out for in 2017

SEO is a dynamic beast, demanding that we keep pace with it along the way. As 2016 quickly draws to a close, 2017 is approaching just as fast. So what does the future hold for 2017 when it comes to SEO? Digital Squad have looked into the crystal ball for you – here are the 3 SEO trends we think you need to get on board with in 2017:

Be Unique and Varied in your Length and Density 

The first trend to stay on top of is uniqueness. In 2017, this means staying clear of copy-pasted content, which will cause your Google ranking to plummet. By creating unique content, you can be sure that your site is seen as a quality source, thereby bolstering your rankings. Back in the day, you may have posted the same article in multiple places, but now Google will prioritise unique content over that which is the same or very similar to toher content.  If it appears elsewhere, the bots may send your page straight into Dante’s search inferno.

Your content must also be of varying lengths, such as short posts for single topics, long posts that are very thorough, or relatively short posts that are still jam-packed with information. While the first two are very prevalent on the web, the latter is one of the hardest to pull off, but one of the most worthwhile.

Do you remember a time when websites looked very different on a desktop computer than on your smartphone? This is still the case for some websites, but nowadays, the lines are blurring so that there is hardly any difference. Being unique and offering quality content is what will make the difference when it comes to your SEO.

The Speed Demon Seeks a Faster Mobile Search

Although that day is coming as more search starts from mobile Google has prioritised lightening page loading through AMP. AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages which is an open source initiative that is a way to build pages for static content that can render fast. The first part of this is AMP HTML which uses some restrictions to ensure speed and performance. Then there is the AMP JS which manages resource loading so that your page is there almost instantly.

The final element is the Google AMP Cache which is used to deliver all valid AMP documents. This delivery network ensures that the page is guaranteed to work and not be dependent on external sources which can slow your page to a crawl. As Google search prioritises mobile over searches on a computer if your site isn’t AMP ready then it may never be found. So it is something that everyone will have to consider adopting if they haven’t already.

What are they doing here? You better know or you could be screwed

It isn’t easy to optimise your site for all the various keywords of your topic but combine that with user intent that’s when things start getting interesting. User intent is about what someone is looking for when they do a search? So you have to look beyond the words and the person may be looking to get to a specific website, or maybe they are looking for a piece of information which they could get without leaving the search results at all or they are prepared to buy or exchange something for something else.

So the biggest thing website owners can do is identify why people are going to their website and have funnels that will get them to where they want to be. This can be going to your latest article, signing up for your newsletter after you promised to send them a free ebook or they may want to talk to you about what hiring for something either by knowing their most probable intents you can create the funnels to get them there.

Honourable Mention goes to the first warning signs of Skynet

Skynet is coming to search as the web spiders begin to learn on their own. What I’m talking about here is machine learning and deep learning which has become a major source of research in artificial intelligence.  For us, this doesn’t mean all that much and even in 2017 most of the algorithms will be written by some of the smartest people on Earth but still people. What machine and deep learning means is that the computer will one day be able to take all these inputs and find patterns that we never could alone.

It also means the factors they consider will be much more varied and dynamic which means that if the machine can change the algorithm without our intervention then they can make leaps and see patterns emerge well before we could. It could be the future but as long as we don’t give the machines bodies then I think we will be OK at least for awhile.

So as the river continues to flow it changes us as much as we change it and that is part of what makes the ride so much fun. Every year brings its own challenges for those of us that seek to capture the attention of audiences and for the audiences themselves who are getting smarter each year.

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