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Singapore Small Businesses

Singapore is the home of entrepreneurship, meaning there are plenty of small businesses vying for attention. This means things like SEO, a website or even posting to Facebook can get lost in a sea of others trying to do exactly the same thing. Almost the entire population has access to the internet, and digital technology is an integral part of our lives.

Millions of people are accessing social media, representing a massive opportunity for small businesses to tap into online tools and be found.

PwC says that traditional media spending has flatlined, only rising a mere 0.13% year-on-year while digital content is projected to increase 10% a year-on-year up to 2019. ComScore says out of those 2.8 million people that accessed a social media site, 1.95 million of them were to Facebook, meaning the social media juggernaut is still on top.

Google’s Consumer Barometer says that 40% use online only for finding local businesses, 52% use both offline and online and just 5% use offline online. 78% of them turn to search engines when looking for local businesses.

So this means that businesses are more likely to see success when engaging people who have accessed you through avenues like Facebook, allowing you to build relationships with them and hopefully turn a one-time user into a regular customer.

The growth in small and medium-sized businesses is immense as New Zealand’s report on Small and Medium Businesses show that in the 3 years to 2015 there’s been a rise in SMBs going from 488,000 up from 462,000 just 3 years prior, which is a growth of 18,000. Consider in the same factsheet by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment shows that 30% of small businesses didn’t exist just 5 years ago and in that companies with 1-19 employees were responsible for 47% of all jobs created in 2014. A similar projection can be made for Singapore as well.

In a survey done by OMG Solutions that looked into the use of social media by businesses, 93.6% use it for new business, 98% plan using social for business in the future and 54% of them have used paid online advertising with 41% of them finding it beneficial. The majority use Facebook and a significant number use AdWords.

With so many small businesses vying for attention, many will struggle to be found. That’s why the Digital Squad is here, with founder Shane Chand having experienced the power of SEO himself when he started his own moving business. He had to learn the ins and outs of SEO himself and used that knowledge to supercharge his business.

Seeing what it could do for his former business, he then started the Digital Squad to spread the success. Shane seeks to share his knowledge and skills with other entrepreneurs so they can focus on their businesses instead of worrying about their Google rankings, how to get to the first page or use Google Adwords.

Make sure your business stays ahead of the game this year by focusing on SEO. If you need help with your SEO strategy get in touch with Shane and the rest of the team at Digital Squad: a digital marketing agency Singapore. The team can help you with Remarketing, Facebook Marketing Singapore, AdWords Marketing Singapore and SEO Singapore. We are a digital marketing agency that goes above and beyond the norm and we can help you with YouTube advertising, Instagram marketing or any other social media marketing Singapore

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