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In 2019, over 66% of Singaporeans actively used LinkedIn totalling more than 2.3 million users and officially ranked as the 3rd most connected country in the world!

LinkedIn users are some of the most engaged and active social media users on the planet. Actively connecting with professionals, discovering new businesses and engaging with content, LinkedIn users are an absolute gold mine for B2B marketing.

The average buyer needs to see 10 pieces of content before making a final purchasing decision, and on LinkedIn, users consume content with intent.

Digital Squad is Singapore’s leading B2B Marketing Agency with the following recent achievements:

  • Winner of the 2018 SEMRUSH Australia/ NZ Search Awards  in the B2B Marketing Category, venued at the Sydney Opera House.
  • 2019 Australian B2B Awards -B2B Business of the Year (Finalist)
  • 2019 Australian B2B Awards -B2B Marketer of the Year (Finalist)

The Latest LinkedIn Marketing Statistics

The Power of LinkedIn Marketing

B2B Platform of Choice

94% of B2B marketers on social media use LinkedIn to publish content - are you missing out?

Huge earning potential

LinkedIn is the top platform for B2B lead generation, with 45% of LinkedIn users holding senior decision-making positions

Active and engaged audience

50% of B2B web traffic generated by social media comes from LinkedIn - users are actively looking for information on the platform

Direct communications

InMail has a 300% higher response rate than email - be heard by the people who matter.

LinkedIn is where professional movers and shakers are looking to consume content. Think CEOs, VCs, directors and other decision-makers that are looking for vendors just like you.

How Does LinkedIn Advertising Work?

At the core of LinkedIn marketing lies content. Digital Squad can create the winning content strategy that your audience has been waiting for, generating traffic back to your site.  

We discover which users to target through:

Demographic information (age, location, etc.)
Industry type
Business size
Budgets & revenues

LinkedIn’s slogan tells no lies – the platform truly allows you to market to who matters in a B2B context. The platform’s sponsored content, sponsored InMail and text ads help you reach the world’s largest network of influential professionals, driving traffic, generating leads and making powerful connections. LinkedIn marketing is an essential tool for any B2B vendor looking to meet their goals.

LinkedIn’s unique sponsored InMail feature allows you to reach out to leads in a personal way, while sponsored pieces of content act as native advertisements that your audience will relate to. Used alongside simple text ads, you can reap the benefits of the world’s largest professional networking platform. Look to a reputable LinkedIn marketing agency to help you obtain results – Digital Squad help you reach who matters.

How Digital Squad Helps Businesses with LinkedIn Marketing

We get you leads that are highly valuable and qualified, as we target users who have already displayed an interest in your brand or industry, and are therefore more likely to react to you positively.

People invest time on LinkedIn looking for valuable content, so in order to drive deep engagement, content that helps people perform their jobs better, address pain points or answer common questions will keep your audience happy.

LinkedIn is where experts speak up – by crafting enriching content, we help establish your brand as a leader in your field.

There are three types of thought leadership you can consider working into your content plan: industry thought leadership (your perspective on current issues). organisational thought leadership (your company ethos) and product thought leadership (providing the best solutions to your clients).

We use targeted LinkedIn ads that will reach exactly those who matter. From response-generating InMail to valuable content, our sponsored posts get you straight to the heart of it. 

Sponsored content on LinkedIn should not be underestimated – InMail, for example, generates a 300% higher response rate than conventional email tactics!

Integrating with your overall content marketing strategy, our beautifully crafted and planned LinkedIn content will drive engagement and traffic.

Some LinkedIn content ideas for publishing or sharing include your company page, groups, InMails and other people’s content.

Of course, we can’t forget the core purpose of LinkedIn: to connect professionals. With a strong network of influential people, you can make sure your advertising efforts go even further.

Building up your own personal reputation on LinkedIn can help enormously with branding.

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    LinkedIn Paid Marketing FAQs

    LinkedIn Ads is an advertising service provided by LinkedIn to its users to promote their businesses among interested people.

    Every campaign has a unique goal and desired outcome for which LinkedIn is providing us with various objectives divided into three categories namely Awareness, Consideration, and Conversions.

    1. Awareness:

    a. Brand Awareness:

    This Awareness Ad helps increase brand visibility. You can gain a higher number of impressions, and also improves engagement and follower count.

    2. Consideration:

    a) Website Visits:

    If you aim to direct users to the website or any specific landing page, then choosing ‘website visits’ as an objective is the right approach. It improves website visitors’ growth rate.

    b) Engagement:

    This campaign will work on gaining engagement from the target audience and also boosts the follower base of your Company Page.

    c) Video Views: Share your video, reach more interested audience and increase video views.

    3. Conversions

    a) Lead Generation: The campaign focuses on gaining quality leads by showing your ads to interested people. You can choose lead gen pre-filled form with LinkedIn Profile data.

    b) Talent Leads: Build a database of interested candidates for the opportunities at your company with Talent Leads. As per LinkedIn, It is only available to companies with an Active LinkedIn Recruiter contract.

    c) Website Conversions: Make users download or register on your landing page/website with this objective selection.

    d) Job Applicants: Share your latest job updates with the target audience.

    LinkedIn provides different ad formats for meeting campaign objectives. Here is the list of ad formats you can choose for your campaigns:

    1. Single Image Ad:

    This ad format is also known as sponsored content used for brand awareness, lead generation, website visits, engagement and conversions. This ad will be displayed on the Home Page like other posts but have a ‘promoted’ mark on it.

    2. Carousel Ad:

    To promote your multiple products/services or to share a brand story this ad format is best suitable for the goal. It allows you to add more than one or two images.

    3. Video Ad:

    You can upload a video formatted content MP4 with a file size of 75KB (min) to 200 MB (max) and a duration limit of 3 seconds to 30 minutes.

    4. Text Ad:

    Text-based Ads appears in the top right section of the home page.

    5. Spotlight Ad:

    These ads are personalised that attract user attention. It is suitable for gaining traffic to a particular landing page/ website.

    6. Conversational Ad:

    It allows you to create a chat-bot-like conversation with your target audience.

    7. Followers Ad:

    You can create a follower ad to target your audience base and grow your page followers.

    8. Message Ad:

    This allows you to send a message directly to the user’s inbox.

    9. Event Ad:

    You can promote the live event through this ad format.

    Important LinkedIn Paid Campaign KPIs:

    1. Page Unique Visitors:

    You should look for how many unique visitors have seen your page; more unique visitors mean more reach.

    2. Follower Growth:

    Increase in the audience base shows that the targeted audience likes your content. A month-over-month follower growth means the page popularity is getting better.

    3. Audience Demographic:

    Your follower’s demographics like job type, job function, job title, country etc. can help in campaign strategies.

    4. Engagement:

    LinkedIn provides insight into various engagement metrics like comment, share, like, and reactions that helps you to understand which content works better for the target audience.

    5. Click Through Rate:

    CTR shows how many people are interested to know more about your information when they clicked on the link/button.

    1. Demographic Targeting:

    On LinkedIn, you can target audience based on their job function, industry, education and more.

    2. Variety of LinkedIn Ads:

    You can create suitable ad formats according to the campaign objective. Some ad formats are: sponsored ads, follower ads, event ads, messaging ads etc.

    3. In-built Analytics:

    LinkedIn has inbuilt analytics dashboard called LinkedIn Analytics for campaigns.

    4. Huge Professional Network:

    With LinkedIn, you can reach out to vast professional network and connect with decision makers for business.

    5. Brand Building:

    LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to promote your business especially if you are a start-up because the Business Leaders, Top Executives, Managers, Decision Makers are avid users of LinkedIn.

    1. Creative content should be between 100-220 characters. Creatives shorter than 100 characters can lack detailed information, and longer than 220 characters can get collapsed in the display.

    2. Use optimal audience size for your campaigns. Don’t go for Hyper Targeting.

    3. Perform A/B Tests with 2-3 creatives to optimise campaigns for better performance.

    4. Customise your content according to the target audience.

    5. Analyse Campaign Insights like Demographics, and KPI Performances to improve the targeting.

    We have in-house LinkedIn Specialists that help our existing clients to grow with pace. These specialists are available to you via email, call, and WhatsApp. You can save time by not waiting in a queue for LinkedIn Help Centre.
    We do a weekly review of campaigns for our client and recommendations are provided after detailed research and analysis.

    With expertise in over 25 industries, we’re ready to help with your digital marketing challenges today. Let us get you there!