Schema Markup

Using Schema Markup to Boost Your SEO

Schema Markup

Schema markup is vital for boosting your web page in the SERP organically.

Schema markup essentially refers to the code that tells the search engine what content your page contains and what this content means.

This reduces ambiguity, allowing crawlers to categorise your site more accurately. Using’s example, let’s say you have a page about the movie “Avatar” with a link to the trailer and info about the director. Your HTML code will look similar to the first image below.

Schema markup 1

Adding the item scope in the HTML <div>….</div> allows the crawler to recognise and classify that the page is in fact about the James Cameron film, instead of referring to a profile photo on a messaging board.

How will this boost my search rankings?

It’s fair enough to be dubious of schema markup at first read: it’s definitely not a quick fix for boosting your SEO. Schema markup will, however, increase your page’s visibility due to the improved categorisation and display. Furthermore, the markup does help boost your rich snippets which can help improve your sites SERP.**

For a better grasp, let’s get into the details.

Be warned however that adding the schema markup can be tedious because you have to add the microdata to each page on your site manually. All the more reason to get started now rather than later, right?!

Do I have to add markup to every page?
It’s isn’t necessary to add markup to every page, although for Google to build rich snippets of your site, there needs to be a certain amount of microdata for the search engine crawlers to classify your content.

**Once you’ve finally finished adding the markup, be sure to use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to check that everything is working correctly.

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