Rich cards

Get a competitive edge with Rich Cards

Rich cards

Why You Need to Use Rich Cards Snippets for SEO

Wanting to get a competitive edge? Get your hands on the new search engine format, Rich Cards, to get ahead of your competitors! 

Remember that tedious microdata you had to manually enter for each property on your page so the crawlers could more accurately display your content in SERP’s?

Well, now schema markup is more important than ever with Google’s newest search results format, Rich Cards.

Make your Page Irresistible to Click

By nature, humans are drawn to convenience. The Rich Cards provided at the top make the search process even easier for users, essentially making your site irresistible to click on via the Rich Card. Capitalising on this new search result format is surely going to make your site stand out and attract more users. If your site is filled with quality content, you could enjoy an improved click through rate and/or reduced bounce rates because users are finding relevant content from the SERP.

Note: If Rich Snippet or Rich Cards are new terms to you, you might want to start with Schema markup.

Tell Google Exactly What Your Page is About

Rich Snippets allow Google to understand your web page content and intention better. Why is this a good thing? Because the better understanding Google has of your site content, the more accurately Google can display information about your site on the SERP. Hello, organic rating boost! Have a look at the example below and see which one you think would be more appealing to a user searching “chocolate chip cookies”.

Rich cards 1

Rich cards 2

In the first image, the search engine provides simply the page title, URL, and any meta text description that has been provided. On the other hand, the second image provides much more information such as recipe ratings and images to the user, all because the web pages have employed rich snippets. In addition to the mouth-watering images, a list of ingredients and a recipe make it irresistible not to click on your page!  

The Future of Where Users are Clicking

Now that you’ve seen the tangible advantages of rich snippets, let’s take it another step further and consider rich cards. Described as a successor of rich snippets, rich cards are displayed at the top of the SERP (similar to paid shopping AdWords) with the option to scroll left and right. For example, a user may be searching for movie times as seen below. 

Rich cards 3

The movies are displayed at the top even above the paid ads!! The user can easily scroll to the right to see all movies playing in local theatres.

Rich cards 4

With a simple click, the search engine provides further information about the selected movie. In this example, time, location, a synopsis, and a link to the trailer are displayed, helping the user make a quick and informed decision. 

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