Account-Based Marketing

Precision-Targeted Strategies for Mid-Market and Enterprise Success

Amplify Your ROI With Expert ABM

Discover the art of recognizing marketing potential and unlock unparalleled success! Connecting with high-value customers with powerful account-based marketing (ABM) strategies from our expert team.

Unleash your marketing potential and unlock unparalleled success!

We Do It Differently

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a game-changer for businesses catering to mid-market and enterprise companies. With ABM, sales and marketing efforts join forces, honing in on selected accounts with extraordinary potential for conversion and revenue generation.

Here at Digital Squad, we bring a proven methodology to the table, empowering businesses to captivate decision-makers and influencers at their pinnacle accounts. Leveraging the power of Digital Advertising, Reverse IP Tracking, Email Marketing, and Sales Outreach, we leave no stone unturned. Our relentless dedication to tracking marketing efforts and optimizing campaign performance ensures you stay ahead of the game. Let’s unlock your business’s true potential together!

See the Benefits In a Glimpse

Precision Targeting

ABM allows businesses to focus their resources on high-value accounts, leading to more efficient use of marketing budget and increased ROI.

Synergizing Efforts

ABM bridges the gap between sales and marketing teams, creating a unified approach that speeds up the sales cycle and boosts revenue generation.

Bespoke Engagement Strategies

Our ABM strategies are tailor-made for each account, enhancing engagement and conversion rates by delivering content that resonates with the unique needs and challenges of each target.

Tech-PoweredDecision Making

ABM leverages cutting-edge technology for tracking and analyzing campaign performance, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions and continually optimize their marketing efforts.

Only 1/5 marketing professionals have a dedicated budget for remarketing campaigns. Gain an immediate advantage by boosting engagement and lead generation with remarketing efforts. 

What ABM can do for your business

Bid farewell to generic outreach! ABM empowers you to create personalized, compelling content and messaging for each targeted account. This tailored approach fosters deeper connections, resonating more effectively with your audience.

Become familiar with your business's offerings
Drive traffic and engagement to your site
Obtain contact information and other data to assist in future marketing efforts
Make a purchase and increase revenue

How Digital Squad Boosts Your ABM Campaigns

By concentrating your resources on a select group of high-potential accounts, ABM enhances the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. This laser-focused strategy results in a higher return on investment (ROI) as you allocate resources where they matter most.



Detailed Consultation and Setting Objectives

In order to develop an effective CRO strategy for your business, it's critical to evaluate your current marketing strategy, goals and standing. To do this, we will first conduct an in-depth consultation with you to gain a thorough understanding of your business, buyers and your vision for the future.



Conversion Tracking

You could currently be sitting on a gold mine of data and not even know it. Our experts will take the data you have already collected and analyse your current conversions. By conducting a site audit and evaluating the results, we will then be able to educate you on your typical customer behaviour and the effect your current marketing strategies have on this result. Tapping into tracking conversion allows us to see what strategies are working for you, and what strategies you may need to rethink.



Data Analysis

A/B testing (also known as split testing) allows marketers to test two versions of the same design or copy to different audiences to determine which version yields more clicks, leads or purchases. This could be two slightly differently placed CTA buttons, or two differently worded email subject lines. The smallest tweak can have a huge impact on conversion, with A/B testing providing valuable insight into the most effective copy or design for driving conversion.



A/B Testing

While A/B testing provides valuable insights into lead behaviour, there may be other types of testing or analysis that are more informative for your business. By consulting with our team, you will be able to see what testing methods are most appropriate for your business, and how they can be used to optimise your website and marketing efforts.



Strategic Investing

Keeping track of the customer journey is an essential element of CRO, allowing you to get to know your customers and see how they make purchasing decisions. If you already enjoy a high conversion rate on certain products or pages, don't take this for granted - instead, promote these pages to get maximum results. After getting a sense of the factors that result in a high conversion rate for you, we will lend our expertise to help you invest your marketing budget into the right efforts. By putting your money into what will pay off, you can boost your ROI and conversion rate, ultimately bringing in more revenue.



Constant Analysis and Reporting

Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving beast, with Digital Squad focusing on long-term success for every client. We track and send monthly progress reports so you can always keep your finger on the pulse and respond as your business grows.

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