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5 Simple SEO Hacks to Boost Rankings

SEO Hacks

SEO hacks to help you rank

An estimated 12-15 million searches are carried out each month in the US alone.  With over half of this being on a mobile device and over 65% of first page listed businesses scoring a sale, it’s clear to see why you have to get ahead of your competitors. We’ve got 7 key SEO hacks to help:

1. Mobile Optimisation

The modern day consumer is always connected to the internet and expect their favourite products, services and brands to be easily accessible as well. Sites which function poorly on mobile devices, have a long loading time and poor user experience will not only get penalised in search results,  but will often have low conversion rates due to poor engagement.

2. Long-tail Keywords

More specific phrases are likely to rank you higher as they are less competitive and can often convert a lot better than generic phrases. Identify different sets of keywords that can target visitors at different stages of their buyer’s journey, taking into account user behaviour attributed to site use and conversion. The content on your landing pages also needs to match key phrases and be relevant. Using Linkio, you can manage your Long-tail Keyword strategy.

3. Create relevant and engaging content

Machine learning is now playing a bigger role in search behaviour and SEO, and will only become more and more important in the future. If you want to know all the finer details, this article from MOZ is a good beginner’s guide. The Sparknotes for this is that higher user satisfaction is crucial for Google, it means that content quality and user satisfaction are essentially SEO ranking factors. You’ll need to measure it and work towards constantly improving it. Some factors for you to consider are:

  1. Does your page meet the needs of most of your visitors? If a user is interested in that product, do they need help in selecting or learning how to use it?
  2. What about related intents? If someone comes to your site looking for a specific product, what other related products might they need?
  3. What gaps exist in the content?
  4. Does your page provide a better experience than your competitors’ pages?
  5. How will you measure page performance and improve it?

Keep these tips in mind to write engaging content for the end-user and not the algorithm. Naturally, this will lead to better engagement, more social shares and rankings.

4. Build Brand Visibility

SEO is a tool for improving brand visibility across different channels. One way you can do this is to rehash your content onto your social media networks. For example, you can use Facebook to improve your SEO by passing link juice to your useful content pages.

This way, you’ll get similar results to what you would for curating content. According to Curata, over 50% of marketers who curate content say that it’s improved their brand visibility, thought leadership, SEO, web traffic and buyer engagement.

Simply put, get active on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and Periscope.

The more times your site is mentioned, the more Google collects data on it. Soon, you’ll see an improvement in your rankings just by publishing new content!

By working on brand visibility, you’ll enjoy more traffic, regardless of the chosen keyword.

5. Work with videos

Videos are one of the most engaging and entertaining types of content on the internet. Because of this, videos are a powerful tool in your SEO strategy. A report by Marketing Land states that videos make for 62% of all Google searches universally. Moreover, Google has started giving attention to blended results/searches. According to, videos get 50 times better organic page ranks in Google as against plain, static text results. Video searches also garner 41% higher click-through rate as compared to plain, static text content, according to

Use videos to show off your product, service or glowing customer reviews. This is now more fun and easier than ever due to the quality of today’s smart phone cameras.

These hacks will help you improve your SEO strategy, as it’s a topic that’s loaded with misconceptions – read more about SEO Myths and our guide to link building in 2016.

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